Our Values

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Who We Are


Al King, CEO & NRA Instructor

Founder Al King is a NRA Certified Instructor, and expert with both handguns and rifles. He claims to be only a competent shot-gunner! 

Al began shooting at a very early age on the Eastern Washington farm where he grew up. Part of his "chores" were tin can and pest eradication. He moved from Dad's guns to his own when he bought his first rife at age 15 with his own hard earned money. Al bought his first pistol in 1970. He also stared reloading rifle and pistol ammunition at that time. Hunting and guns have been a continuing part of his life over the past 50+ years.

Al has hunted from Arizona to Alaska and Africa, and has shot in rifle and pistol competitions, target, turkey shoots (where you shoot targets to win a turkey, not shoot the turkey!), and silhouette shoots, as well as teaching numerous family members and friends basic firearms safety and skills. He began instructing formally in 2011, and earned NRA Pistol Certification. Over the years Al has handled firearms of nearly all types: 

  • Semi-automatic pistols & single & double action revolvers 22 caliber to 44 AutoMag; 
  • Rifles, including single shot, lever & bolt action, semi-auto and full auto, 22 to 375; 
  • Shotguns, including single shot, bolt, pump, and semi-auto from 410 to 12 guage; 
  • Experienced ammunition reloader; and 
  • Graduate FrontSight Academy, Advanced Handguns 

Al is also an accomplished pilot, holding Commercial and Instructor Ratings, and flew over 20 years of Search & Rescue with the Civil Air Patrol. In his first career, Al is a Professional Engineer, Civil, licensed in the states of California (Ret.), Alaska, and Washington.


Linda King, NRA Instructor

Linda is a NRA Certified Instructor. She is a shooter and hunter with over 40 years experience, having also begun shooting at an early age with her Dad in Eastern Washington.

Having experienced the "good old boy" learning experience (and survived quite nicely thank you - her Dad was a great guy and a great instructor for her) , she is sensitive to women having a desire to learn in a less testosterone filled environment. Her focus in on firearms training programs for kids and women. Linda has also handled a wide variety of firearms, including: 

  • Semi-automatic pistols & single & double action revolvers from 22 to 44 AutoMag;
  • Rifles, including lever & bolt action, & semi-automatic from 22 to 7mm Mag;
  • Pump and semi-auto shotguns from 410 to 12 gauge; and 
  • FrontSight Advanced Handguns.      

Before eXtreme Training, Linda was employed as a Registered Nurse, a skill she brings with her to XT. You will find no greater empathy for our students than from Linda!


Ellie Heston, NRA Instructor

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor Ellie Heston provides assistance during our courses, watching over students to enable a safe and productive training environment, as well as providing individual instruction to improve students skills. Ellie is dedicated to the principles that XT holds, and to providing students with a great learning experience. She is proficient with a variety of handguns.

Ellie began shooting at an early age with her Dad. As a young woman, Ellie began training as a police officer but was unable to complete that training due to an injury. She has retained an affinity for firearms, and is an ardent supporter of proficient, knowledgeable, responsible self defense. 

Ellie is also an accomplished pilot, working for many years in

Search & Rescue with the Civil Air Patrol.